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When a foreign national (including permanent residents of the US — those with green cards) is alleged to have violated immigration laws, he or she is placed in “removal proceedings” (formerly known as deportation).  Removal proceedings are normally begun following criminal activity, entry into the United States without authorization, working without permission, or simply overstaying your non-immigrant visa or abandoning your green card. Unfortunately, the government has in recent years increased the amount of people in removal proceedings that it detains in local county jails, housed with criminals in general population. Without any doubt, this is the one area of immigration law where competent legal representation is most needed, and unfortunately too often not obtained.

Jonathan Willmoth has been practicing exclusively immigration law since he was first admitted to practice. Importantly, he has successfully represented individuals in removal proceedings for more than seven years. Jonathan has won political asylum, withholding of removal, relief under the Convention Against Torture, adjustment of status (green card), termination of removal proceedings, and waivers of the grounds of inadmissibility for his clients.

Jonathan has also spoken at attorney training sessions and conferences on various aspects of removal defense. Jonathan has also successfully represented clients on appeal before the Board of Immigration Appeals federal courts of appeals, and federal district courts.

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