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Jonathan and Geoffrey Willmoth, Attorneys

Jonathan Willmoth, Owner and Managing Attorney of Willmoth Immigration Law, LLC has broad experience in all areas of immigration law, having practiced exclusively in this field since graduation from law school more than seven years ago. His experience is nation-wide having practiced in Kansas City, Missouri and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. he has represented large corporate clients, small businesses, families, and individuals seeking relief from removal (deportation), as well as immigration-related litigation before District Courts, Circuit Courts, the Board of Immigration Appeals, and Immigration Courts.

Competitive Pricing

As a nationally-recognized speaker and author on immigration matters, Jonathan can bring this experience to bear on your complex immigration issues at reasonable prices. Most immigration matters are handled on a flat fee basis, so you will not be charged for every phone call and e-mail. Additionally, we pride ourselves on offering the best service available at affordable prices.

Our Clients Are:

  • Students — We work with current students and recent graduates seeking information on their immigration options. Please bring your current immigration documents and transcripts with you.
  • Researchers — We assist universities, hospitals, scientific institutions and individual researchers from across the country in seeking permanent residence for scientists.
  • Doctors and Medical Professionals — We represent nurses, doctors and related medical professionals in immigrant and non-immigrant visa petitions, including waivers of the two-year home residence requirement for J visa holders.
  • Employers — We help employers bring employees to the country in a wide-variety of non-immigrant visa categories, including professional workers, intra-company transferees, trainees and others.
  • Families — We help United States citizens or lawful permanent residents bring family members to the U.S. from their home countries, or help them remain in the U.S. as permanent residents, including obtaining waivers on the grounds of inadmissibility as well as well as defending against orders of deportation.

Our Areas of Practice Are:

  • Litigation
  • Appeals
  • Employment Based
  • Family-Based
  • Removal (Deportation) Defense
  • Employer Compliance, I-9, H-1B
  • Naturalization

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