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Every January I intend to write up a summary of the previous year’s successes, but so far work has gotten in the way of that each and every year. This year, however, I finally got it done. In 2017, Willmoth Immigration Law obtained H-1b visas and extensions for five separate small businesses in the area, and obtained Immigrant Visas through a variety of labor certifications through the Department of Labor for local businesses and a well-known University for several of their researchers and professors. 


In Immigration Court, we obtained bonds for 10 different people who were detained by ICE so that they could continue their proceedings while living at home with their families. All 10 were able to post their bonds and go home.


We also successfully terminated proceedings against five people for a variety of reasons, some of whom should never have been in deportation proceedings at all, but due to aggressive enforcement found themselves there anyway. In addition to terminating proceedings, we had about 20 cases approved for administrative closure throughout the year so that their deportation proceedings were on hold to allow for some other process to take place in their cases. 


Finally, in trials before the Immigration Court, we won asylum for seven people throughout the year, and Cancellation of Removal for another five people, one of whom was detained because of criminal convictions. We also won a case for someone who had previously committed fraud, but then proved that she had turned her life around and was granted a waiver due in large part to her military service.


Before USCIS, we helped five people who had affirmatively file for asylum get approvals through the asylum office and bring in family members from back home. We also got Lawful Permanent Resident (green card) status for about 30 people for a variety of reasons, some after they had been asylees for more than a year, some based on marriage to a US citizen, etc. Finally, we helped six people begin and complete their naturalization process, filing for and becoming US citizens all within the year 2017.


We also won several non-immigrant visas for people outside of the business context, including a number of Special Immigrant Juveniles and U visas for victims of serious crimes.


With USCIS and the Department of State, we won every single waiver application we filed this year, which came to a total of seven cases. We then helped another nine people come to the US as permanent residents through consular visa processing, where they did not require a waiver of any kind.



All told, we won more than 100 cases for people from all over the planet, including: Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Somalia, Kenya, Nigeria, Jamaica, China, India, Brazil, Egypt, Liberia, The Gambia, Burma, Turkey, Croatia, The Cameroon, among a few others.

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