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While we generally post about cases to our Facebook and Twitter accounts, I felt a new blog post was in order as we have updated our website, and make a number of changes that will hopfully make getting information about the firm easier, as well as making it easier to find and contact us online. 

Since the last blog post, I have begun co-teaching an Immigration Law class at my alma mater, the University of Missouri - Kansas City, School of Law. I am teaching this year and next with my immigration law professor, Jim Austin. After next year, I will take it over on my own and work to continue the great tradition of Howard Eisberg and Jim Austin at UMKC

Additionally, we continue to see a lot of children coming through in removal (deportation) proceedings. So far, we have had a lot of success with both asylum for unaccompanied minors as well as the Special Immigration Juvenile Visa, which requires us to pair with a family-law attorney to get a guardianship or similar family-court order for the children. While these two programs will not help every child in removal proceedings, we have seen quite a few already filing for their permanent residence on account of one or both of these programs. 

We have had a number of other recent victories in immigration court, including: asylum for a family of converts to Christianity from Egypt, and victims of domestic violence from Central America; a long-time permanent resident (green card holder) who had a recent criminal issue after many years without any; and quite a few cases which were administratively closed - effectively stopping the removal proceedings and allowing those who are not enforcement priorities to remain in the country with their families and with work authortization.

We continue to see a great deal of success in our many motions to reopen removal proceedings where someone failed to appear in court, received ineffective assistance of counsel, or otherwise did not get their day in court.

On the business side of things, we just won an appeal of a wrongfully denied labor certification (PERM) case, which was heartening in part because of how quickly it was decided. Sometimes those cases are sent through the full Department of Labor appeal process which can take more than year to decide. This case, however, was quickly redecided without having to go through the whole process. We also won a religious worker visa for a local Somali religious facility which desperatly needs teachers for their students. 

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