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So to follow up with a previous post, both of these cases were subsequently approved by the Immigration Court after the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Chief Counsel decided not to contest the cases further and in fact agreed to a grant of relief for each of these individuals. We could not be more pleased with the result for both. 

Additionally, we have also received another win from the Board of Immigration Appeals in a case where another attorney won Cancellation of Removal for someone, but then the government appeal to the BIA arguing that because they admitted they were alcoholics, they were barred from a grant of relief as a "habitual drunkard." As we explained to the Board, the mere fact that someone admits their alcoholism exists is not the same as the standard required for a finding that someone is a "habitual drunkard," which is comically defined as someone who is habitually habitually drunk. In any event, that case was also sent back to the Court for background check completion, and we are hoping that he will also be approved without need of any further hearings. 

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